$25 For Business Card Design

Hi Graphic Designers,

I need a business card with the following information:

Business Name: (See Attached Logo for Name)
Text: Custom Wraps | Partial Wraps | Commercial Wraps
Address: 7777 Street Dr. City, State 77777
Tel : (777) 777-7777
Website: www.testwebsite.com



I have included two versions of the logo,…

For Business Card Design
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L├ęgal issue that I would like to ask are: protection of the law from politics
Where we note that the law has become a toy in the hands of politics despite the fact that the basic principle is that the law, the biggest and greatest of the policy, which wiped the law and this is the future danger that lurks us and makes all citizens in all the earth …. scared insecure in their lives that God-given and which are not belong to a ……;)
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similarweb.com Steal data

Don't connect analytics to Similarweb.com , they just sell the data to your competitors ,

The funny part is you share analytics data and you cant see the page of your own site in similarweb , you have to upgrade to pro account to see your data

check the chat , initially they disagreed then said we cant help , and then no replies

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Is it Legal to Copy Content from a Website?

Hi All,

A friend of mine tell me that if you copy content from other website and then paste into your own website then its legal but I am not satisfied because google said that do not copy or spin content. Content must be unique.
Another thing is he said that while pasting content also read the reference of that website.
Someone please help me is it true or not.

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